This 2 Ingredient Remedy Flushes POUNDS of Waste From Your Colon


Doing a colon cleanse once in a while is required in order to “reboot” your digestive system and clean your body of toxins. You can do that with the following remedy which is easy to prepare and contains only 2 ingredients.

The remedy is very effective and will purify your system due to the abilities of the ingredients to flush out waste materials and restore the bacterial balance in the digestive system.


Raw, unfiltered, apple cider vinegar has gained a lot of interest recently, from both the medical research community and also from those who are looking for natural remedies for health problems. It is inexpensive and provides many health benefits, for your colon health and for the rest of your body also.

When you shop for apple cider vinegar, look for the variety that still has the murky stuff floating at the bottom of the bottle. This is the good stuff, called the ‘mother,’ that you want because it has a lot of nutritional benefits that have not been filtered out of the processed and pasteurized types of apple cider vinegar. These unfiltered particles will give you the most benefits to cleanse your colon fast.

The ‘mother’ of apple cider vinegar contains the bacteria acetobacter, which combines with oxygen to ferment the apple cider into vinegar. This is a helpful bacteria that breaks down food in our gut. Apple cider vinegar may also help reduce irregularity of the bowels, as well as lowering blood sugar levels after a meal, and reducing blood pressure.


This colon cleanse recipe is very simple. The two ingredients you will need are unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ floating at the bottom and some raw, unprocessed honey. Shake the bottle of apple cider vinegar to mix up the unfiltered part that settles at the bottom before measuring out the amount of vinegar to use.

To a glass with 8 ounces of warm water add:

– 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

– 2 tablespoons of raw honey


Mix the ingredients in a small glass, stirring to get the honey dissolved. Drink a glass of this remedy every morning or from the time to time, whenever you feel like you need a nice colon cleanse. The best thing about it is that you won’t feel a need for frequent trips to the bathroom like with other colon cleansing remedies. The ingredients it contains make it easily absorbed into the digestive system  so you can drink it whenever you like.

Health benefits of the cleanse

The Journal of Food Science published a study in which it was determined that ACV is a beneficial substance that contains essential nutrients which isn’t much of a surprise. It’s rich in acetic and gallic acid, catechins, ephicatechins, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid and ferulic acid, which make up an amazing healing combination. All of these components give ACV powerful antimicrobial, antioxidant and antidiabetic properties. Regular consumption will regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and even help with weight loss.