There are medical miracles happening in the world every day. One of those miracles is when a woman is pregnant with more than one child.

Especially when they are twins, still in the womb of their mother, create an amazing bond between them. You may not believe this, but it is true.

Still Inside the Womb

As two people in the outside world get closer by spending a lot of time together, the same thing can happen inside a mother, when she’s carrying two babies.

It is even much presumed by doctors and medical experts that twins tend to have a delay in their language development, compared to single born children, mostly because they create a language between themselves. There are even videos posted on the internet where infant twins cannot let go of each other.

There is one particular video, that we are about to describe to you, and it is about newborn twins who seem to think that they are still not born.

They are help in a person’s hands, and being slowly separated. They are put in water, because this environment creates a similar environment to the one they have previously been in, and that is the mother’s womb.

The footage is extremely adorable, and we are sure that if you see it, it will melt your hearts. It shows exactly that special bond between twins we just discussed. Locked in a tender embrace, with their eyes shut, the twins could not let go of one another as they were having their very first bath.

This is an incredible thing to see. It shows the importance of a human bond, with nothing more than the simplest thing – a hug between two very little persons.

We assure you that it is the best thing you yet have to see. Click that search button and find them now. They will bring tears of joy to your eyes and warmth to your heart.